In a step towards increasing their capacity of their growing populations, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have been following a trend of using their coastal lines and shallow waters to create artificial islands. Those destinations do not serve only as a solution to the population, but they have also been growing as tourist attractions. In that sense, Durrat Al Bahrain comes as one of the top attractions in the region.

Located 40 kilometers south of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s capital Al Manama, Durrat Al Bahrain is the kingdom’s third largest artificial island. This $6bn project spans more than 21 square kilometers in the form of a series of 14 islands that have a mesmerizing aerial view: including six atolls, five fish-shaped islands, and two crescent-shaped islands.

With over thousands of grandiose residential and business spaces, luxury hotels and spa resorts, parks and recreation areas, mosques, international schools, top retail malls and restaurants, a 400-berth marina, and an 18-hole championship golf course, it is practically a world on its own. One will never run out of things to do here.

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To help you make up your mind, here are top 10 things to do in order to enjoy the best of the Durrat Al Bahrain.

  1. Sensational dining. The Crescent’s wide range of dining options offers a fun-filled gastronomic adventure. Want to try the local food fare? Craving for a specific cuisine? Or how about have a little of everything in a food fest? Whatever your taste is, you can rest assure that your taste palette would be satisfied!

Sensational dining2. Chill over a cup of coffee. After a delicious meal, wash off those taste buds with great tasting cups of coffee shared best with good friends. Have a piece of cake or sample any kind of confectionery to please your sweet tooth.

02-chill-over-a-cup-of-coffee-en3. Bask under the sun. Bahrain is privileged to have an all-year summer weather so take advantage of the great outdoors. Being an island kingdom, Bahrain has an abundance of beautiful mesmerizing beaches with stunning views that offer a dream-like vacation spot.

Get that long-desired tan sunbathing or play some sports. Volleyball by the beach never gets old, or how about soccer for some bonding with the boys?

The sun 4. Get into water sports. Of course, a day on the beach cannot be complete without water sports. If you want more than your regular dip into the water, set sail with a dear one or discover your might on a jet ski at the Durrat Marina. Spending some time on the motor yacht sounds appealing too! The Durrat Marina is an adventure playground set in a separate lagoon with marvellous views of the open sea and the adjacent golf course.

04-get-into-water-sports-en5. Pamper yourself. After some hardcore sports on land or water, you deserve a relaxing spa treatment. A massage never feels as good as when you worked hard for it. Have a loved one or a best buddy with you and enjoy this indulgence together. Time is well-spent when you spend it with the people who matter to you most!

05-pamper-yourself-en6. Putt that green. As you strengthen your body with workout or extreme sports, don’t forget to empower your mind. Put that well-thought of approach into action and win the game! The golf course at the Durrat Al Bahrain is a pleasant yet challenging course where the desert is turned into a lush green fairway that meets the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.

06-putt-that-green-en7. Indulge in luxury. The Central Island at the Durrat Al Bahrain will be home to the world’s most luxurious hotel. Everything you could ever need, everything you could ever want here is right at your feet.

07-indulge-in-luxury-en8. Watch the sunset. Every life’s pleasure deserves a perfect backdrop and nothing can compare to the sun setting over a vibrant island city and the deep blue waters of the sea next to it.

08-watch-the-sunset-en9. Bond with family. The daily grind can oftentimes can take a toll on you. However with Durrat Al Bahrain’s island city concept, it encourages a balanced lifestyle that gives you time for moments you often neglect and for people who deserve your utmost attention. Life becomes meaningful when you have people to share it with!

09-bond-with-family-en10. Relax in your lavish home. With the many things to do at Durrat Al Bahrain, a day in it would not be enough. Why not choose to stay? There are many extravagant home choices at the Durrat Al Bahrain. Make one your own and catch up on your readings or those pile of old movies to watch in your home theater. Tomorrow is another lovely day.

relax lavish-home in Durrat Al Bahrain

Do you have some other ideas to spend a good time in Durrat Al Bahrain? Share your ideas with us here;we will be glad and enthusiastic with that!

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