If you aspire to travel like a native then you have to ditch some of your old travelling habits and you would fit in with the natives in no time.

Traveling like a native is an experience that will teach you a lot more about different cultures.

Acting like a native means that you will do exactly what a native would normally do, eat where a native would normally eat and go where a native would normally go.

Traveling and acting like a local is pretty easy only if you are well-prepared and well-informed about what is it that you should do.

This is why we give you here a guideline to what you need to do exactly to travel like a native.

Let’s begin!

1- Ditch big chain hotels

Ditch big chain hotels

If you really want to experience a city like a native, then you have to ditch booking a room in a chain hotel.

Instead, book a room in a smaller hotel or rent an apartment.

When looking for alternatives to chain hotels, search for a place in a neighbourhood you probably would want to live in.

Stay in a place that is surrounded by local venues all around and natives as well.

This way you have bigger chances of encountering natives and getting to know more about the customs and cultures of the city you are visiting.

2- Search for local events

Search for local events

Whether it’s a food competition at some restaurant or a musical at a local theatre, search for all the local events at the place you are visiting and head there.

Digging in at what locals would do is what will make you win the natives hearts.

Search the internet or local newspapers on any local events that are happening at the time of your visit.

The point is, ditch the tours and go mingle with the natives.

3- Know all about the current events

Know all about the current events

Natives love a foreigner who is well-informed about their city!

Which is why, before travelling you should start reading all about the current events whether it’s related to politics, sports, social..etc.

Such thing will make it much easier on you to get involved in a deep conversation with natives and actually have a say in what they are chatting about.

You will make friends in no time following this step here.

4- Do some of your chores there

Do some of your chores there

If you are thinking about getting a haircut or dying your hair, then we advise you to save it for your trip.

An adventure to the heart of the culture is what you will be doing here.

If you want to get treated like a native, then you better do what natives would normally do.

5- Travel in the off season

Travel in the off season

Besides saving a lot of money when doing so as prices are really steep during the high season, but travelling in the off season is a great opportunity for you to get to meet more natives than tourists.

During the off season is where you will truly enjoy the city and visit places you probably won’t get the chance to visit during the tourist season.

And as a bummer, as it is for a lot to travel in the off season, but it is the best time to get to see the city and experience it like a native.

6- Eat where the local would eat

Eat where the local would eat

During the time of your visit, you are allowed to get pampered by a candlelit dinner by the beach or dining at a fancy restaurant where you get to wear your fanciest clothes.

But don’t forget to pass by those local venues and grab a bite from where the locals usually hang out.

You won’t only get to be treated like a native, but you will also know what authentic food tastes like.

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