Whether or not you’re a big fan of leisure tourism, we can all agree that no one wants to have a bad hotel experience while traveling abroad. It would seem even more inconvenient and unnecessary if there are already multiple good choices to pick from in the destination; in this article, we list some of the best hotels in Qatar.

Why Qatar?

Qatar state lies in the middle of the Arabian Gulf west coast. Due to its brilliant location, many Gulf nationals and families prefer it for passing their vacancies. Also, many foreign tourists from all around the globe flock to this state in large numbers all around the year; its urban advancement and numerous tourism attraction points made it a famous point of interest for thousands of tourists every year.

Additionally, Qatar has witnessed a surge in its fame as a tourism destination in the recent year after being announced as the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Tournament. For this purpose, Qatar is now working on constructing Lucail Iconic Stadium, which will be the largest stadium in the GCC region upon its completion.

Here, we present to you the 5 best hotels in Qatar where you can pass wonderful times.

1- Sheraton Doha

A very convenient option for businessmen and visitors alike, Sheraton Doha features all the possible comfort and safety requirements of tourists. It is a five-star hotel with magnificent sea view in Doha. The hotel’s building style depicts a unique pyramidal shape that distinguishes it from other hotels in GCC region.

Sheraton Doha was inaugurated in 1982. It is considered one of the best hotels in Qatar not only because it is located 10 minutes from Qatar Conferences Center and 15 minutes from the international airport, but the hotel also boasts wonderful amenities including a massive hall for organizing events, large parking, spa, gymnasium, and many others.

Sheraton Doha

2- Banana Island Hotel

A vibrant hotel located only 20 minutes away from Doha, Banana Island hotel lies within luxurious yacht. The setting makes it one of the best hotels in Qatar easily where you can have a quiet and serene retreat from the bustling city life. The island is considered a part of paradise in the heart of the Arabian Gulf.

The resort comprises 162 thousand meters whose development spanned 18 months; it houses 141 rooms, 24 chalets, and 8 water villas. In addition to that, it also features restaurants, children playground, swimming pools, diving centers, and more.The hotel is only 20 kilometers away from Al Shoyoukh Port.

By staying in this hotel, you will feel another meaning of life as it features fabulous and luxurious designs and offers magnificent views of palm trees, ponds, and sea reefs located along the beach.

Banana Island Doha

3- Intercontinental Hotel

The most visited hotel in Qatar due to its various capabilities besides its brilliant location on the western coast of the Arabian GulfThe hotel presents a wide array of amenities that meet its guests’ needs and expectations. It also offers special services for businessmen and families.

All this qualifies Intercontinental to become one of the most favorable accommodation options in Qatar. It is located on Al Istiqlal Road close to the Western Wharf only 5 kilometers away from the city center.

By staying in this hotel, you will need only 5 minutes to reach the top tourism and recreational venues like Doha Golf Club, Waqef Souq, and the Islamic Arts Museum.

Intercontinental Doha

4- La Cigale Doha

Lies in Al Sadd district. It boasts a brilliant location in the vicinity of the most significant touristic locations and only 12 kilometers from Doha International Airport. La Cigale is only 8 minutes away from Waqef Souq. The hotel was officially opened in 2008 and it features five-star services.

La Cigale was awarded a number of regional recognition and prizes including The Pioneering Hotel in Qatar and Middle East Award for the top-notch quality of dining and recreation available in its premises. This helped establishing its position as one of the best hotels in Qatar.

The hotel comprises 20 floors including 225 rooms of different sizes and scales, not to mention the wide array of amenities that are customized to fully satisfy guests’ needs and the upscale restaurants.

La Seagull Doha

5- Four Seasons Qatar

Four Seasons Qatar is Centered in the heart of Doha. It offers an extraordinary accommodation and leisure experience for its guests due to its proximity from Doha International Airport and Qatar’s most famous touristic points including the Islamic Museum and the commercial center of the city.

The hotel’s 17 floors feature all array and colors of enjoyment and recreation which qualified it to be the first choice for all Qatar’s visitors including tourists, businessmen, etc.

The hotel includes 232 rooms and various amenities including beaches, spa, sports arenas, and many others.

There is nothing comparable to these fantastic and exotic moments passed in any of Four Seasons Qatar beaches or its upscale restaurants.

Four Seasons Doha


Those were the top hotels and resorts in Qatar that would guarantee you a luxurious stay and vacation there. Make sure to pick the one that fits your needs, interests and priorities the most.

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