Living in a small apartment can feel so suffocating but by picking the right color, decorations and appliances your small place can be a small haven. Remember, every space is important. Know the size of your place and get smart when storing things. If you exploit small spaces to the max they can feel much grander by far!

clutter free

When living in a small space, get rid of these 6 things:

1.Those outdated magazines, newspapers or even coupons. Why keep them if they are already outdated?
2. Items that were given to you that you do not like. Even it was a gift, do not waste valuable space.
3. Some kitchen wares. If you are living alone, and have a small kitchen, minimize the number of utensils you are going to bring.
4. Clothes that you do not use or that does not fit you anymore. Do not keep something forever Just because it has sentimental value!
5. Broken items that are too expensive to repair. Opportunity cost, you can buy a new one with the same price.

6. Also, get rid of any extra stuff in the doorway; it can make your entrance cluttered. The entryway is the first impression of your place, avoid making a cluttered first impression.


Follow these simple 6 steps to make small spaces feel grander:

1-choose a light color palette. It will not only give additional light to your room but will also make it look wide and clean.

2-You can also use dividers for extra space, and be creative about it; imagine using a desk and a divider for example. It will give you extra storage space.

3-Organize your closet, this will make it look clean as well as provide more space. Refrain from putting things randomly in your closet and instead take the time to fold and hang everything neatly.

4-Your room decorations should look lively; think bright colors, bright colors add life to any space. Think multipurpose as well; combining cabinets with mirrors saves space. Add a little DIY to make it your way.

5-Use small table instead of large tables. A large table does not only consumes space it also hinders traffic flow.

6-In order to help small spaces look more spacious, open your windows. This helps light to flow in the room and makes it look serene. Windows provide more than fresh air, they make a room look longer and more organized.

Decluttering does not mean getting rid of your belongings!


There is a difference between, “the apartment is full” and “the apartment is loaded”. The apartment is full means that although you do have a lot of stuff, they are well-organized. On the other hand, the apartment is loaded means that it is full of clutter.

Decluttering does not mean getting rid of your belongings, it just means getting rid of what you do not have a need for, aka clutter, and organizing the rest.

Organizing small houses makes them look much bigger and more inviting.

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