Spring break is just around the corner, it is a chance to relax and have fun in the middle of the year. And there is no better place to relax and have fun than Manama. Do you know where to relax and have fun in Manama?

Do not fret, even if you are new to the city, or travelling there on vacation, because we are here for you. If you are going to spend spring break in Bahrain, we have prepared a nice schedule that allows you to spend 24 hours of fun in Manama.

Plus, the weather in Bahrain is amazing these days, the winter cold is over and the summer heat has not started yet.

So, if you want to spend your spring break in Bahrain here is a nice schedule for you.

24 hours of fun in Manama:

Start your day with breakfast at Bennigan’s

Start your day with breakfast at Bennigan’s

Starting your day with a full American breakfast or a full Irish breakfast in the heart of Manama, how amazing does that sound?

Bennigan’s is an American diner with an Irish twist, they serve an extensive breakfast menu that ranges from full breakfast to waffles and pancakes.

They even serve a half portion for kids, with almost half the price. So even your little ones will be happy to start the day off with a hearty breakfast.

Bennigan’s offers great quality food in generous quantities, an American diner with an Irish hospitality, what a great start to the day!

Breakfast is served daily 6am until 11am.

Spend a lazy morning at Al Jazeera beach

Spend a lazy morning at Al Jazeera beach

While the weather in Manama these days is nice in the morning and evening, it may get a little hot around noon. So why don’t you take advantage of the sunny late morning weather and relax at Al Jazeera beach?

What better way to have fun in Manama than spending a lovely morning enjoying the golden sand, azure water and clear blue sky?!

Aljazeera is a beautiful stretch of beach which offers great facilities. It is a popular spot for locals and foreigners alike. Take the chance and spend a lazy morning at one of the most beautiful beaches in the kingdom.

It is also near our next destination, so you can relax for a while.

Explore Al-Areen Wildlife Park in the afternoon

Explore Al-Areen Wildlife Park in the afternoon

This wildlife park is about 20km out of the city, it is home to many species of gazelle and oryx that are almost extinct in the wild.

It is worth making the trip just to catch a glimpse of these rare beautiful creatures.

Al-Areen Wildlife Park is the one and only park in the region that provides a natural and protected environment for such species, it also allows visitors to see and learn about them.

The facility is divided into two main sections, the park and the reserve.

The park occupies three square kilometers, where the public are able to enjoy a round in the park’s tourist busses.

And while walking around the park, visitors will be able to see a collection of  mammal species and  different bird species of birds from the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, North Africa and Asia.

The second part is the reserve, which occupies another four square kilometers allocated for the conservation, preservation and breeding of rare Arabian animals.

Access to the reserve is restricted, except for specialists.

Treat your taste buds to dinner at Keizo

Treat your taste buds to dinner at Keizo

Like an oasis in the heart of the desert comes this elegant Asian restaurant with its spacious terrace looking over the lush landscape of the resort.

The chic interior design, dramatic look and canopied ceiling of the indoor area gives the illusion of being in an ancient Arabian Palace.

So you cannot go wrong wherever you choose to sit, the beautifully designed restaurant with its attentive staff is bound to give you a night to remember.

Keizo serves an eclectic taste of Japanese, Thai & Chinese cuisines. An Asian fusion in the heart of Manama.

Pamper yourself and stay in the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Pamper yourself and stay in the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay

Located in Manama, the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay offers elegant accommodation with fantastic views of the Arabian Gulf.

Hotel facilities include a fitness centre, 7 restaurants, 5 swimming pools and free WiFi.

Treat yourself for a night at this five star hotel. And then when you wake up you can enjoy the open buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

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