If you are an adventure junkie seeking some thrilling travelling activities in some of the world’s most exotic destinations, then the world will never fail to impress you. The world has got a lot to offer those who love to vacate and discover the world!

The world around us is full of so many exotic and exciting places that never cease to satisfy our thirst for adventure and craving of exploring faraway lands.

For all of the extroverted travellers out there looking for no ordinary experience, we have rounded up 8 mind-blowing and thrilling travelling activities you should try at least once in your lifetime.


1. Kite skiing

Kite skiing

Amidst frozen rivers and iced lakes, Midgard in Iceland is the perfect destination for adventurous souls looking for thrilling travelling activities.

It’s like the old-fashioned snowboarding but with an inflatable kite attached to your back.

Think of it as Kiteboarding but on ice instead of water!

There is no better place than Iceland to try out this new and exciting activity.

Besides kite skiing, you can also go ice fishing.

Everything just sounds more thrilling when it’s on ice.


2. Jungle Bungy Jumping

Jungle Bungy Jumping

This is what adventure junkies like to call a 50 meters high leap of faith.

Forget about rock-climbing and bungy jumping, as now in Thailand you get to experience one of the most challenging and thrilling travel activities.

As we said, the jungle bungee jump is 50 meters fall above a jungle-surrounded lake.

If you are feeling brave these days, then this is definitely the perfect activity for you.


3. Glass sky-walking

Glass sky-walking

An actual glass bridge that is 100 meters long with 99 turns stretching around the side of the sheer cliff face of Tianmen Mountain in China.

Offering breathtaking views of Hunan province’s lovely landscapes, this glass bridge is the perfect definition of wild and crazy adventure.

If you are looking for an adventure that offers plenty of thrills and excite, then China’s glass bridge is the place to go.


4. Edge walking

Edge walking

Taking a walk outside has a whole different meaning in Toronto this year.

On the roof of Toronto’s CN tower is where you will get to test your limits and truly overcome your fears.

Around the perimeter of the tower is where you will get to be a part of the world’s highest external hands-free walk ever.

A unique experience that will literally take your breath away, edge walking around CN Tower is probably one of the most courageous decisions you will ever take in your life.


5. Chasing storms

Chasing storms

This is actually a thing in the United States of America!

In a famous alley in America where the most amazing and fierce storms take place, storm chasers are always right behind recording this marvellous wonder.

As dangerous and unsafe as it may sounds, but actually there are experts and professionals who tag along with you just to be sure chasers aren’t prone to get hurt by such storms.


6. Abseiling


Instead of climbing up a mountain, you will be climbing down.

Rappelling Whiteside Mountain in Highlands, North Carolina is another action-packed adventure.

It is a controlled descend where special equipment are used to make sure you climb down safely.

A 700-foot rappel off of the mountain will do the trick to satisfy your craving for a wild adventure.


7. Micro-light flights

Micro-light flights

Flying over some of the most beautifully-looking waterfalls in South Africa, micro-light flights offer you an unobstructed viewing of Victoria Falls and Batoka Gorges in Zimbabwe.

An unmatched panoramic view from the top nature’s beauty is what Zimbabwe micro-light flights are all about.

That’s not all, as you will also get to see animals living by the waterside and feast your eyes on God’s wonderful creations.


8. Diving with sharks

Diving with sharks

If thrilling travelling activities interest you then you must try diving with sharks!

If you are looking for a daring dive with the sea’s toothy creatures, then Beqa Lagoon in Fiji is where you should be heading to.

Getting real close to different species of sharks, Fiji’s shark dive is only for strong-hearted people.

Fiji’s water is considered to be the most shark-infested waters!

Gear up for a daring adventure where all that is required from you is to be brave.

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