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10 Middle East Projects


Top 10 Middle East Projects set to open in 2018

New years bring new starts, new adventures, and of course, new construction projects. Throughout the Middle East, projects of different sectors and dimensions are making strong progress. Each year, we look forward to new hotels, developments, [...]
Apple Spaceship


What is Apple Spaceship: A Look Inside the $5 billion Headquarters

Founded in 1976, Apple Inc is a multi-billion technology company with almost 500 stores around the world. Ranked as the world’s most valuable brand more than once, Apple has managed to gift the world technological products from computers [...]
Silk City


Silk City: What makes Madinat Al Hareer in Kuwait the next big thing?

As one of the most beautiful countries located along the coast of the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait’s status as both an economic guru and a tourist attraction famous for its modern architectural wonders has been growing exponentially over the last few [...]
Arabic Architecture


Famous Buildings Revealing The Magnificence of Arabic Architecture

Arabic culture has given the world some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces. Meticulous details and ornaments are the signature and unique features of Arabic architecture. Ranging from ancient to new, here are some buildings that [...]
The Most Famous Arab Architects


Arabic Architecture: The Most Famous Arab Architects

Arabic culture has always been a major influence on design and architecture all around the world. And Arab architects draw inspiration from this culture and merge it with the natural surroundings to create amazing designs. Some of these Arab [...]
Gigantic Architecture: Abraj Kudai tops the list of The Largest Hotels in the World


Gigantic Architecture: Abraj Kudai tops the list of The Largest Hotels in the World

When can we say that a hotel is successful? Do we base our rank on luxury, occupancy, or size? Are the largest hotels in the world the most successful ones? Some would argue that the number of rooms that a hotel has to offer determines its [...]
Japanese Interior Design Trends

Home Improvement

Japanese Interior Design Trends for a cozy Workspace and Micro-house

Japanese interior design has never failed to amaze us, particularly with its dedication to making use of the smallest of spaces. Recently, more and more people are choosing to work from home. With the availability of modern technology and the [...]
Floating Architecture: Unique Floating Structures Around The World


Floating Architecture: Unique Floating Structures Around The World

Boat houses, floating houses, floating hotels, floating architecture has always been a fascinating concept to people. The concept of floating structures that allow you to live on water is inherently enthralling! But some architects have gone [...]
Miniature Architecture


Miniature Architecture: The Smallest Hotel Rooms in The World

Some people are all about vacationing large, staying in fancy spacious hotel rooms and suits and dining in elegant restaurants. And some are just fond of peculiarities, and there is a huge industry catering for this adventurous type. Some hotels [...]
Weird Architecture: Unconventional Converted Houses


Weird Homes: the most Unconventional Converted Houses

Some people look at buildings and see them for what they are, and some look and see what they can be. Thus, the concept of converted houses was born, converting unconventional structures into weird homes. To design lovers, nothing is more [...]
Peculiar Architecture: Tallest Skyscrapers In The GCC


Peculiar Architecture: Tallest Skyscrapers In The GCC

When you think of modern Khaleeji architecture, skyscrapers immediately come to mind. There is definitely an abundance in those here, each one with more interesting architecture than the other. Let us take a look at some of the tallest [...]
Historic Buildings In Bahrain


From Bahrain Fort to Beit Al Quran: Gorgeous Historic Buildings in Bahrain

From Bahrain Fort to Beit Al Quran, let’s take a walk through the history and the heritage of the kingdom by checking the most gorgeous historic buildings in Bahrain. Aptly named The Pearl of the Gulf, Bahrain has got a very rich [...]
The Homes Of Famous Architects


Take a Look at The Homes Of Famous Architects

A home is more than just a shelter, a home says a lot about the person who designed it, and even more about the person living in it. So what would the houses of brilliant famous architects say? Would the houses of famous architects be more like [...]
Unique Swimming Pools Around The World

Tips & Advice

Unusual Architecture: Unique Swimming Pools Around The World

Summer and swimming pools are synonyms, or they should be! A unique summer experience should include discovering one or more of the most unique swimming pools in the world. But which one of those is the most unique swimming pool? The largest [...]
Unusual Architecture: The Most Unique Hotels Around The World


Unusual Architecture: The Most Unique Hotels in The World

Summer vacation is just around the corner, have you planned your holiday yet? Do you need some inspiration? Do you prefer fancy or unique hotels? Some people are all for the luxury of fancy hotels, they want nothing more than to be pampered. On [...]