The GCC nations, which are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, hold some of the most powerful passports that allow visa-free travel. Owners of these passports do not need a visa to travel to other GCC member states. Moreover, they also have the right to get a job and live in those countries.

Aside from visa-free travel, GCC passports also give holders the chance to gain visa on arrival in several countries across the world. Travel freedom allows passport holders to avoid the hassle of issuing a visa and preparing all the necessary paperwork. It also means they can seek investment opportunities while traveling.

Each of the GCC member states has managed to gain a reputable position in the world. Shifting further away from an oil-dominated economy has given rise to a wave of economic diversity. Tourism, real estate, modern architecture, and business continue to thrive in the GCC.

Before planning your next vacation, here is where your GCC passport can take you across the globe.

1. UAE


By far the strongest of the GCC Passports, the UAE Passport gives holders the chance to travel to 121 countries without a visa or by issuing one on arrival. It is ranked 38th in terms of travel freedom.

Visa-free travel for UAE nationals includes countries such as Austria, Bahamas, and Belgium. In addition to Croatia, Czech Republic, and Denmark. As for visa on arrival, it can be easily granted in Ukraine, Uganda, Senegal, and several others.

2. Kuwait


Falling quite a bit behind the UAE Passport, the Kuwaiti passport is ranked 60th when it comes to travel freedom. It gives citizens the chance to travel to 80 countries either without a visa or by issuing one on arrival.

Albania, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Jordan are but a few options for visa-free travel. As for visa on arrival, it is available in Ethiopia, Marshall Islands, and Soloman Islands. Furthermore, Kuwaiti nationals can enter the Dominican Republic with only a tourist card obtained on arrival.

3. Qatar


On the 1st of January, 2017, the Qatari passport ranked the 62nd worldwide in terms of travel freedom. Qatar nationals can travel to 78 countries either without a visa or by getting a visa on arrival.

Indonesia, South Korea, Lebanon, Costa Rica, Philippines, and New Zealand are only a few of the countries where Qataris can enter without a visa. Furthermore, visa on arrival is granted in Nepal, Cambodia, Maldives, and Tanzania among many others.

4. Bahrain


Your Bahraini citizenship grants you visa-free travel and visa on entry to 73 countries and territories. The Bahraini passport is ranked 66th in terms of travel freedom.

Visa-free countries include Ecuador, Egypt, Georgia, Haiti, and Malaysia. Moreover, Bahrain's nationals can issue a visa on arrival in Seychelles, Yemen, Laos, Iran, and others. You can also issue an electronic visa to travel to Cambodia, Kenya, and Turkey.

5. Oman


For Oman, visa-free travel and visa on arrival are available to 69 of the world's countries. This places Oman in 68th place in terms of travel freedom, tied with the Georgian and Kenyan passports.

Visa-free travel includes visiting countries such as Botswana, Brunei, Morocco, New Zealand, and Serbia. As for visa on arrival, it can be granted in Nicaragua, Madagascar, Djibouti, Cape Verde, and more.

6. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Finally, we come to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ranked 69th in terms of travel freedom, nationals can travel to 68 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

This passport allows you to travel to Belarus, Botswana, Guatemala, South Korea, and many others. You can issue a visa on arrival in the Maldives, Nepal, Thailand, Bolivia, and more.

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