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Living in Bahrain

Recruitment agencies in Bahrain: Reach out your next employee!

Recruiting skilled talents in today’s competitive market can be extremely challenging. As the demand for top-tier professionals is higher than the supply, companies always compete for the acquisition of the best and brightest. The recruitment [...]
Kids activities in Bahrain

Living in Bahrain

Kids activities in Bahrain: The best places in Bahrain

Bahrain is a popular tourist destination, many tourists prefer to go. It is also a country full of expats. So it provides and offers many attractions for the whole family members. A wide range of kids activities in Bahrain is available to the [...]
Buying a house during a crisis 

Real Estate

Housing in Lockdown: Buying a house during a crisis 

  We are now talking more about Coronavirus than we say hello to each other in the morning! This crisis has taken over our minds and has become today’s talk. It also affected our psychology, our work, and our daily life, but did it [...]
rent in crisis

Real Estate

Coronavirus impact: Is rent in crisis during COVID-19?

Real estate is a key measure of economic wealth. The real estate sector is the same as other markets where it is affected by crises, especially COVID-19 virus which the world is still suffering from its negative effects, that have affected most [...]
Bahrain Cars

Living in Bahrain

Bahrain cars: A few steps to rent or buy a car in Bahrain

  Bahrain The kingdom of Bahrain topped as a place to consider relocating for expats to work and live. It ranked number 1 for its ability to make expats feel as they are at home. Living in Bahrain puts you at the center of the Gulf, the [...]
Hotel apartment in Bahrain


Hotel apartment in Bahrain: List of the best accommodations in Bahrain

Do you want to live like a local in Bahrain? If your trip to Bahrain is short, whether for treatment, study, or tourism.  Besides the many hotels in Bahrain, which is a great option. There is a hotel apartment in Bahrain that differs from hotels [...]
Coronavirus Impact On Real Estate

Real Estate

Coronavirus Impact On Real Estate Industry: An Overview

The real estate industry is being hit by the coronavirus, and it’s going to get worse before it starts to get better again. Coronavirus impact on real estate will vary by sector and market, and the extent of the effects will depend upon the [...]
How does coronavirus affect the economy

Real Estate

How does Coronavirus affect the economy and GCC real estate market?

The new coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has had a multiplier effect across many major markets around the world. Reactions to the spread of the virus ranged from caution to complete panic, and with each new country reporting the [...]
Activities in Bahrain

Living in Bahrain

Activities in Bahrain: Experience many activities and adventures

Bahrain has a wonderful civilization and heritage approximately nine thousand years old. As a site of the ancient Dilmun civilization, it has been known since ancient times for pearl traps, temples, forts, and a treasure trove of Arab and [...]
Car Rental in Bahrain

Living in Bahrain

Car Rental in Bahrain: Discover how to rent a car in Bahrain?

Although public infrastructure continues to grow and improve in the small island nation of Bahrain, private cars are still the most popular mode of transportation. It is fairly easy to rent a car in Bahrain, however, there are a number of things [...]
driving license in Bahrain

Living in Bahrain

How to get a driving license in Bahrain?

A driving license in the kingdom of Bahrain is more than just a good skill to have. Whether you are a working professional, a job seeker, or even a stay-at-home parent, we bring you all what you need to know about how to get a driving license in [...]

Living in Bahrain

Sports club in Bahrain: Discover the Best sports clubs for expats in Bahrain

There are many social and sports club in Bahrain that expatriates prefer to use for meeting new friends, getting fit and socializing. Because Bahrain has many expats, these clubs generally welcome everyone. As with any country that has an influx [...]
tenant doesn't pay

Tips & Advice

For landlords: What to do if a tenant doesn’t pay rent or pays late?

Being a landlord who owns an investment property is in itself a huge hassle, but having a tenant who doesn’t pay their rent is a nightmare! Whether it is the first time for your tenant to face you with a past-due payment or your tenant has [...]
where to search for real estate in Bahrain

Living in Bahrain

Moving to Bahrain: learn where to search for real estate in Bahrain?

Are you wondering where to stay? What is the best region in Bahrain for you to live in? Moving to Bahrain from any country is a big step. You might have a job abroad that requires you to move here, or you might want to go to college. It might [...]
First-time renter

Tips & Advice

First-time renter: What to expect when you rent a house

It’s time to enjoy your life and move out of your current house, moving into your first apartment is a super exciting time in your life. But the process of moving into a new home requires careful planning for it to be a successful one, [...]