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Exclusive or MLS: the pros and cons of the real estate marketing methods

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Exclusive or MLS: the pros and cons of the real estate marketing methods

Considered as one of the most prominent types of investment, real estate has preserved its rank for a long time as the most preferable choice to spend savings on. As a result of that, real estate marketing has always been a fiercely competitive [...]
Real Estate

Real Estate

Learn about the different types of real estate

Being the broad market sector it is, there are many types of real estate in which you can invest that take many different forms. And while real estate is known to be one of the most preferred types of investments, caution is always advised when [...]

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The advantages of buying Under-Construction real estate

Under-Construction or already made properties? Which one do you prefer? Buying a home is both an exciting and a tedious thing to do. As a buyer, you should be conscious of every detail that goes into buying your own place. When buying a home, [...]
Simple steps to Exploit Small Spaces to the max

Home Improvement

Simple steps to take advantage of Small Spaces

Living in a small apartment can feel so suffocating but by picking the right color, decorations, and appliances your small place can be a small haven. Remember, every space is important. Know the size of your place and get smart when storing [...]
Bahrain’s Real Estate

Real Estate

Freehold & lease: Bahrain Real Estate Legislation boosts foreign investments

As an open country, the Kingdom of Bahrain welcomes all peoples and cultures into its small nation composed of 33 islands. This kind of attitude has allowed this nation to be the first post-oil economy in the Arabian Gulf with its economy not [...]

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Understanding the concept of Real Estate Investment

When an individual starts to earn for himself, where would he want to put his money in? Save for the future? Should he buy a car? Plan to travel? Insurance? Or how about invest in real estate? Making decisions like these are very much dependent [...]
درة البحرين

Living in Bahrain

Where to go in Bahrain: Top 10 Things to Do in the Durrat Al Bahrain

Durrat Al Bahrain is the epitome of an island resort city in the 21st century. With over thousands of grandiose residential and business spaces, luxury hotels and spa resorts, parks and recreation areas, mosques, international schools, top [...]
Around Manama in A Day [Infographic]


Discover Manama in Just One Day [Infographic]

If you are intending to visit Manama, you may need some guidelines to spend unforgettable day. Here are some information that can help you to know more about Manama. Manama, is the capital of Bahrain and considered the largest city in Bahrain. [...]
Adventure in Manama


A Gastronomic in Manama: Try the Delicious Bahrain traditional Food

Bahrain’s food is as exciting as its economic condition—constantly changing and improving over time. Manama, its capital, is an example of this paradigm shift. Through the years, the influx of foreigners to the country, more so the city, have [...]
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Bahrain’s Real Estate Market Growth Expectations [Infographic]

The Kingdom of Bahrain has witnessed big changes in the real estate market. The Bharain real estate investments is increasing each year and grow rapidly which makes the Bahrain market to be a good place for whom looking for investment in the [...]

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10 Factors You Need to Consider to Find Your Perfect Home

Have you found the perfect home for you yet? Does your house feel like home? Do you long to go back to that relaxing sanctuary of yours after a long, tiring day at work? According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, shelter falls within the [...]


Bahrain’s Top 10 Visited Places [Infographic]

Bahrain receives two million tourists a year. Most visitors are from Arab states of the Persian Gulf but there are an increasing number of tourists from outside the region. The Kingdom of Bahrain has many different attractions to cater to a [...]