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Stock Market vs. Real Estate

Tips & Advice

Where to invest: Stock Market vs. Real Estate

The need for security is one of the most vital and critical needs for everyone, be it physical, emotional, or financial security. And when it comes to the latest, there are many available means to achieve financial security with degrees of risk [...]
House appraising

Tips & Advice

9 measurements for appraising your house (Infograph)

Selling and buying real estate could be one tricky mission to accomplish, and this mission gets 100 times harder and trickier if you are selling your own home, measurements for appraising the right price may seem tricky for you, but they are in [...]
Issuing a New Real Estate Law


Shedding the Light on Bahrain’s New Real Estate Development Law

Bahrain has worked really hard over the past year to build an excellent reputation in the real estate market and the year 2014 is a witness of how dominant the kingdom of Bahrain is now in the market. The real estate market in Bahrain nowadays [...]
Bahrain residential areas

Real Estate

Private Tour Inside The Top Residential Areas in Bahrain

Not only is it known for being a vital trade and tourism hub for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region in the whole world, the Kingdom of Bahrain has also been voted in 2017 as the best place for expats to live and work in. This can be [...]
visual Illusions to Enlarge your Living Space


Moving to a Bigger House Without Actually Moving

The Greater the illusion, the wider spacious space you got… It is all about the visual tricks to make you convinced that a square meter space is as big as a football stadium. No one loves a small place where there is barely a room to [...]

Real Estate

Choosing Your Realtor : What You Need To Know

    Although a lot of people do not consider it as the most preferable or comfortable choice when it comes to buying or selling real estate, using the aid of a professional realtor can help not only in accelerating the process of [...]
Kingdom of Bahrain


Discover Bahrain: Al Hidd Area In Its New Suit

If you don’t know Al Hidd area, I promise you by the end of this article you will want to invest there. First of all, what Does Al Hidd mean? Hidd in the Arabic language means a lengthy land of sand extended in the water. It is located in the [...]
Make you own global restaurant


Global Restaurants: What make them distinguished?

What makes  global restaurants distinguished? What is the criteria of fine dining? Why certain food chains are more successful than others? What are the characteristics of global restaurants? Dining out in restaurants is a popular, significant [...]
how to market a restaurant


How to market a restaurant: your guide to become the hungry stomachs’ first choice

Every business requires a strategy for marketing; restaurants are no exception. In fact, some may argue that restaurants have to fight for every customer even more than retail stores because it seems that in rough economic times, families are [...]
Life through Interior Design Styles

Home Improvement

Life through Interior Design Styles

Thinking outside the box will get you anywhere… When it comes to interior design styles, give yourself the permission to think outside the box. There are so many wonderful ways to define who you are by creating a magnificent living space. [...]
Assessing a restaurant

Tips & Advice

Assessing a restaurant: Basic steps for a greater business

When guests come to your restaurant, you should treat them as if they are friends visiting your home. Treating your guests with care and providing an exceptional place for them to enjoy a meal is part of the reason they will come back to your [...]

Market Trends

Real Estate Investment:- Crafting A Huge Income

If you are not sure about real estate investment, hold that thought and read the article before deciding to purchase another kind of investments. Whether you are investing in a commercial, residential or row land, appreciate the property and it [...]
Freehold areas


Freehold Areas in Bahrain- Information

In the recent years, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been renowned for the mega projects they are continuously working on in order to boost their economies and cultivate their different economic sectors and industries – [...]
Exclusive or MLS: the pros and cons of the real estate marketing methods

Tips & Advice

Exclusive or MLS: the pros and cons of the real estate marketing methods

Considered as one of the most prominent types of investment, real estate has preserved its rank for a long time as the most preferable choice to spend savings on. As a result of that, real estate marketing has always been a fiercely competitive [...]
Real Estate

Real Estate

Learn about the different types of real estate

Being the broad market sector it is, there are many types of real estate in which you can invest that take many different forms. And while real estate is known to be one of the most preferred types of investments, caution is always advised when [...]