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Real estate finance


Real estate finance | what is it and what are its main systems?

Real estate finance What is real estate finance? Real estate finance is an operation dealt with a bank or financial firm that allows the benefactor to acquire a property by paying its value on many payments like installments. The real estate [...]
Keep your house cool


7 Tips to keep your house cool naturally

Summer is hitting harder each year and it is becoming unbearable, so you need to be really prepared for it and know how to keep your house cool during the summer peak. Air conditioning is the perfect solution in these hot days, but let me ask [...]
Sign you chose the wrong realtor


8 Signs You Chose The Wrong Realtor

“There is a first time for everything”, but why go through all the trouble that comes from hiring a bad realtor to realize that not all realtors are qualified to handle your purchases. Whether you are purchasing a house for the first time or you [...]
How to choose the right floor to live on?


Your guide to choosing the right floor to live on

Thinking of buying a house? There are probably millions of stuff to think about, like location, cost, neighborhood, mortgage…etc. However, many of you might skip a secondary factor which is the part of choosing the right floor to live on. You [...]
Home upgrades that pay off

Tips & Advice

Home upgrades that pay off Vs the ones that don’t

Whether you intend to move out from your current house or you are staying put for the long run, renovations are a must. However, you need to know the best home upgrades that pay off and increase the value of your property and identify your [...]
raw lands fee in KSA


Reactions of some economic and real estate experts on raw lands fees in KSA (infographic)

                                              You can read also: Main 4 points summing up the latest Knight Frank report [...]


The best seven touristic sites in Gulf region

Here’s a list of the best touristic sites in Gulf which deserve visiting at least once in your life, don’t miss them. Al-Maghseel beach, Salalah, Oman Oman means paradises, mountains, beaches. It’s Allah’s paradise in [...]
small home


How to use each inch in your small house?

We are going to display a number of swift tips to perfectly utilize your small house design. Shelving, Shelving and shelving Shelves sets can be embedded anywhere, around a fauteuil, couch, or under a table. Shelves sets are a perfect place for [...]
Bahrain real estate


Discover the main features of Bahrain real estate market

Characteristics of real estate market in Bahrain The real estate sector in Bahrain manipulates a great deal of significance from the Bahraini government. A report issued by Mazaya Real Estate Co. mentioned that the continuous follow up from the [...]
Choice of colors


Best room colors: find out which color fits which room more (Infographic)

Your home is your sanctuary and favorite place on earth, and choosing the best room colors can significantly affect the vibes it gives. Colors have effects on us that go way beyond enhancing our vision of the world; even when we do not recognize [...]
lighting system

Home Improvement

Lighting styles in kitchens

Lighting main objective besides illumination is to highlight the room’s basic aesthetics. As for kitchens they are no more a place for meals preparation only restricted on men and visitors. Designers now tend to convert kitchens to a comfy [...]
Living room


Which is more suitable for my house, wood or marble floor?

As a result of the vigorous real estate market activity in Bahrain lately and the Gulf region in general interior design grabbed the users’ attention especially those who are willing to buy a new home or refurbish their old house. By the phase [...]
How to flip your house?


What do you know about flipping a house?

What do you really know about flipping a house? Are you thinking of selling your house? Does it need renovations? Do you know what to do to flip a house? Well, let me tell you that flipping a house is never a piece of cake. There should be a [...]

Market Trends

Get to know Egar system in Saudi Arabia

Egar system is scheduled to launch during the first quarter of this year, the system was announced before two years by the Housing Ministry of Saudi Arabia. Egar grasped the concerns of many writers in real estate field described to be an [...]

Tips & Advice

Make yourself at home: How to hire an interior designer?

There is no place like home. Although we, as human beings, have four essential needs, we probably do not get emotionally attached to any of them as much as we become attached to our home, the place we long to go back to at the end of the day. We [...]