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The means of developing Bahrain tourism

Market Trends

The means of developing Bahrain tourism

Many would agree on the necessity of developing Bahrain’s tourism sector as it is one the economy’s pillars and holds various benefits including provision of job opportunities and expanding economy scale. There is a famous quotation saying [...]

Market Trends

The main challenges facing Qatar real estate

Qatari real estate men research new ways for diversifying the pillars of the state economy in order to reduce the reliability on oil revenues. That’s why Qatar has started setting the needed basics for diversifying the economic resources and [...]
House finishing


The seven commandments of house finishing

House finishing is a strenuous phase we all have to pass through at least once in our lifetime. It’s the process of finishing our dream home, whether it was an apartment, villa, or any other type of residence. We know it’s a tiring phase of [...]
Properties Dubai

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Meet the top 5 real estate developers in UAE

We do hear all the time about the accomplishments made by UAE in all sectors which was described as the state of future and one of the world’s sustainable countries. By reading about the state’s accomplishments in the latter periods you will [...]
Best Hotels in Qatar


Your quick guide to the 5 best hotels in Qatar

Whether or not you’re a big fan of leisure tourism, we can all agree that no one wants to have a bad hotel experience while traveling abroad. It would seem even more inconvenient and unnecessary if there are already multiple good choices to pick [...]
real estate market

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Three factors to have a robust real estate market

The success of real estate market is attributed to a number of poignant reasons that has to be considered to get a market rich with real estate investments. We thought about underscoring the main aspects in the following part. First: Supply and [...]
أفضل 15 موقع عقاري على مستوى العالم

Real Estate

The Best real estate websites and portals around the web

In an attempt to assist first-time buyers or new investors who have the intention to enter the real estate market anywhere, we thought about mixing up a list including the best real estate websites on the internet. Our list includes real estate [...]
Best 4 heating systems for warm and cozy ambience

Tips & Advice

Best 4 heating systems for warm and cozy ambiance

It is winter time now. Winter could be aching for some people, including me actually, who can’t bear being cold for seconds and prefer staying in the house to stave off the cold weather. We all seek different heating means to enjoy our moments [...]


The best 6 real estate companies in Saudi Arabia

Despite the dropping oil prices and the turbulent economic situations taking place in the region, Saudi Arabia is still witnessing a fervent construction activity led by Saudi and regional development giants. New projects are taking place to [...]


Best real estate companies in Dubai

Dubai is picking up the pace of real estate growth, the city is really sprawling beyond its proportions as it witnesses a robust building and construction activity on all scales. The hiking demand on living in Dubai, and the inauguration of [...]
USA mortgage


Get introduced to the American mortgage system

After the international financial crisis which blighted the real estate market in USA and had severe percussion on banking and lending sectors in 2007, the Federal Government started taking a lot of procedures to prevent another same event from [...]
real estate investment in USA


What is so special about real estate investment in USA?

News websites and online portals in Bahrain last week published news stories about real estate deals carried out by Bahraini investment institutions for purchasing properties in USA. Here, we take a closer look at those deals as well as offering [...]
beautiful kitchen ideas

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Inspirational kitchens: 6 beautiful kitchen ideas you can apply at your home

Of all the rooms that usually compose a house, kitchen probably proves to be one of the hardest – of not the hardest – one to design for both interior designers and property owners. This can be attributed to multiple factors, mainly [...]
Real estate investor

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How to think like a successful real estate investor ?

Investors’ lives are a bit different from normal individuals’ lives. The real estate investor’s mind doesn’t stop thinking and isn’t bound to official working hours. It always contemplates chances of self and work development and seeks [...]
create the perfect guestroom


How to transform any room to a guest room?

House guests make the home more fun and they allow you to enjoy a nice vacation in your own home. Every home is bound to witness a visit from a friend or a relative and this visit could be for days and even weeks. That is why your house needs to [...]